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I was told it's more professional to write these in the third-person, but Dakota thinks that's boring...

I once saw a banana peel in the street, and instinctively swerved to avoid it. Thanks Mario Kart™️.

When I was 5, I escaped from a straight-jacket three separate times in the same hospital visit. My mom thought I was going to be a magician at that moment, but I looked up at her and cried "magic isn't real!" and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

I've been acting from a very young age. I convinced my parents that my brother did a lot of bad things that were actually me. For my brother - "If you see this, I'm so sorry. PLEASE RESPOND TO MY TEXTS!"

When I was 11, I ran away from home. I got about a quarter of a mile down the road when I became cold, turned around and took a nap in our camper. My mom came and woke me up saying "When you're done running away, dinner is ready."

"You know, I thought I knew everything about you. But you're a mystery. Wrapped in a riddle. Surrounded by enigma..." (- Will & Grace) is a solid statement I identify with.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from the Hartt School of Music Dance and Theatre. I will 100% brag about the 'Summa' part - I worked hard for that.

Some of my favorite roles include Cliff in Cabaret, Emmett in Legally Blonde, Evelyn in Anything Goes, Sir Bedevere in Spamalot, and Bobby Strong in Urinetown. I also had the wonderful opportunity to play Shawn in the first U.S. production of Once We Lived Here, which I also assisted in adapting the script for U.S. based audiences.

   Aspiring 'grown-up'.                                      


P.S. There is one thing about NYC that has absolutely baffled me... Is it normal to have only seen one regular-sized cockroach so far?  I feel like they're building up numbers to appear as a mound around a corner one day. Update: Moved to Astoria, and every now and again there's a regular sized cockroach that scuttles across my living room floor. All is right with the world.

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